Booking Confirmation

Thank you for booking an appointment with a Financial Strategist. We will call you on the number provided at the time and date that you selected. In the meantime, please read below to familiarise yourself with our process. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


This first step is crucial and one that will set the stage for the entire process going forward. You and your Financial Strategist will assess your current financial position, establish expectations, and discuss some available financing options.


The goal of our application is to gather as much information as possible up front. This gives us a major head start and allows us to fly through the process.


This is where you come in. We need your help getting your documents in as fast as possible. You will team up with your Financial Strategist to collect and gather all the documentation that the banks require.


We have dedicated contacts within each of the banks to help us with the servicing and process of your loan. This helps us with high accuracy and a high approval rate, meaning faster loan processing for you.


We aim to get you pre-approved within 7 days so you can go out and start house shopping for your dream home, continue conversations with real estate agents, or speak with a buyers agency about your next investment property.


Smooth sailing is what we strive for and this is from the start to finish. We’ll get you all settled and wrapped up without you having to stress.