Our Story

Zinger was built out of a desire to help people overcome these obstacles. We do this by forming a close, long-term relationship with our clients. Instead of simply pointing you in the right direction, giving you a pat on the back, and wishing you luck, we walk alongside you every step of the way.

Being in it for the long-haul means we’re also accountable to you. What we say and do matters in your life, and we see the results. It’s what compels us to always do our very best by you, and how you know you can trust us to deliver on our promises.

About Zinger

Zinger — a quick and smart response, something that produces startling results. It’s not just our name, it’s our philosophy. See, we’re not your average finance company. We believe that a financial strategy should be active so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

What We Stand For

We love seeing clients reach their financial goals. Actually, we’re hooked on it. There’s a thrill in seeing a person consolidate debt, improve their borrowing power, and use that money to secure a better financial future. To see that wealth and joy and know you had something to do with that… it’s what motivates every member of our team to do everything possible to ensure your success.

What We Strive For

Our vision is to provide the best financial strategy services possible. But more than that, we want to change the way people view their finances. Instead of being overwhelmed and fearful, we want people to feel empowered and excited. To that end, we aim to educate and inform, to explain in clear terms without all the industry jargon, and to show each and every client the best path to reaching their goals.

Our Team


Rose Renouf

Head of Zinger Finance


Kabir Hussain

Senior Mortgage Broker


Dinisha Devadason

Mortgage Broker


Lilly Nguyen

Client Support


Sumit Kachhepati

Broker Support


Jamie Raheb

Broker Support


Peter Renouf

Broker Support