Our Expertise Is Finance. Our Passion Is Helping People.

Yes, we’re financial experts. But our real motivation comes from seeing a client go from a dream to a done deal.

Meet the team that will work hard to help you reach your goals.
Madhu - CEO of Zinger Finance

Madhu Ramana

Founder and CEO

Zinger Finance’s Founder and CEO, Madhu Ramana, has been in the finance industry since 2004 and is dedicated to showing people how to change their lives through financial management and property investment. A sophisticated property investor himself, Madhu has over 10 years of experience structuring deals and creating impressive property portfolios for his clients.

In fact, Madhu was one of few private bankers to have no margin calls during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. A margin call happens when an investment bought with a loan drops below a certain value and the investor must either deposit money or sell to cover it. While investors around the world were scrambling as the market plummeted, not a single one of Madhu’s clients fell below the margin. This earned him recognition amongst his peers in the industry.

Graham Turnbull - Senior Finance Strategist - Zinger Finance

Graham Turnbull

Senior Finance Strategist

Graham Turnbull has been in the finance and banking industry for over 12 years, and has a Diploma in Mortgage Broking. He specialises in structuring client’s finances to help them fund investments. After joining Zinger Finance, Graham became an active property investor and continues to build his portfolio.

Kabir - Finance Strategist - Zinger Finance

Kabir Hussain

Finance Strategist

With over five years of experience in banking, Kabir is dedicated to helping clients understand the banking industry and finding the lenders and loans that best meet his client’s needs. He is also an active property investor and loves sharing what he’s learned.

Yesim - Administration Manager - Zinger Finance

Yesim Sepek

Administration Manager

Yesim Sepek is the smiling face of Zinger Finance. She touches base with clients regularly to ensure they’re on track. With a Bachelor of Social Sciences and five years’ experience in customer service, her goal is to make Zinger Finance run like a business, but feel like a family. She has also become a property investor since joining the company.