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Finding the right financing can be difficult and overwhelming. Zinger Finance makes it easy
with our free Financial Health Check, expert Strategists, and access to the best lenders.

How Healthy Are Your Finances?

Our Free Financial Health Check will help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

When is the last time you checked your finances? How are you really doing? Are there any adjustments you can make to make your money work for you and grow your wealth?

Most of us don’t check our financial health because it’s overwhelming and financial institutions use a lot of confusing (and boring) jargon. That’s where we come in. We’re finance geeks, we speak the language.
It’s our goal to change the way people look at their finances.
And to make it easy for you, we’re offering a free Financial Health Check. We will look at everything: SMSF, properties and mortgages, equity growth, loan restructuring, debt consolidation, and more. Then we’ll let you know where you stand, and how you can move forward.

Why Take Our Free Financial Health Check?

  • You will have financial experts review your current situation and how it aligns with your long-term goals.
  • You will see the gap between where you are now and where you want to be so you and a Zinger Financial Strategist can create a plan.
  • You’ll discover your borrowing capacity — where you can find money to invest, and how much. (You may be pleasantly surprised!)
  • If you want to buy or refinance, you’ll have access to multiple lenders and we’ll help you choose the right mortgage for your situation and goals.
  • You’ll get knowledge and guidance from our top-tier Financial Strategists.
  • You can ask us questions and move forward knowing how to “check in” and keep your finances healthy.
  • It’s free, and there’s no obligation (it’s part of our company mission to promote financial education).

Zinger Finance Will Get You Started In 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to buy property but feel overwhelmed and stuck?
We’ll take you from plan to property owner in three simple steps.

Step 1: Get A Financial Health Check

A Financial Health Check is our way of finding out what’s possible for you. Is there a better mortgage for your needs? Can you leverage your SMSF? Do you have equity you can release and use for investments? Can your debt be consolidated to free up funds? Basically, we assess your financial health and uncover every opportunity.

Step 2: Work With A Strategist

A Zinger Financial Strategist will review it with you and lay out your options. This is also where we get to know you personally, which is very important to us. After all, it’s only by understanding your goals that we can help you choose the right financial strategy for you.

Step 3: Make A Plan And Take Action

Once you and your Zinger Finance Strategist outline a plan, it’s time to get started! Instead of you going to one lender after another, filling out a mountain of paperwork, and waiting for the answer, Zinger Finance “shops” for the best loan by approaching multiple lenders on your behalf. Plus, we’ll be able answer all your questions so you’re 100% confident moving forward.

How Will Our Free Financial Health Checkup Help You?

We Are Property Financing Experts

We have over 35 years of combined experience in financing for property and all of our team members are active property investors themselves.

We Do All The Hard Work

Multiple applications to multiple lenders… what a hassle! Give us your information once and we take care of all the preparation and lodging of paperwork for you.

We’re Committed To Your Future

We measure our success as a company by our client’s success. So our job isn’t done until you’ve reached all of your property ownership goals.

Why Choose Zinger Finance To Help With Your Property Investment Goals?

We Get You The Best Loan

The best loan isn’t always the one with the lowest interest rate. We shop for the loan that best fits your current needs and future goals.

We Stick With You

We’re by your side to advise and advocate for you all the way through closing so everything goes smoothly and you never have to feel uncertain about your decisions.

We Are Property Financing Experts

We’re by your side to advise and advocate for you all the way through closing so everything goes smoothly and you never have to feel uncertain about your decisions.

We’ve Helped Over Hundreds of People Reach Their Property Investing Goals

See how a Financial Health Analysis helped others get the right funding and build a smart financial strategy.