Finding Financing Is Just The First Step

We do much more than find you the best mortgage. Here’s how Zinger Finance can help you reach your financial goals.

Get A Long-Term Commitment And VIP Treatment

Most lenders offer short-term relationships; they get you a loan and move on. But we’re with you long term, and that changes how we approach things. We have to think ahead. How will a loan affect your next property purchase? Are there new opportunities for growth? It’s by getting to know you and your goals that we get you the best results

Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

Our aim is to save you time and reduce your stress by making sure everything, from beginning to end, goes smoothly. We prepare and lodge applications for you and talk to banks on your behalf until your loan is approved. We’ll work with you to create a long-term financial strategy, then walk you through the property investment process.

Have Access To Financial, Property, And Legal Experts

The Zinger Finance team has over 35 years of combined experience in the banking and finance industry and over 19 years writing and structuring loans. We are also part of the Binvested group, giving you access to Australia’s top experts in property investment and management, law, accounting, and financial planning— all on one seamless team.

Zinger Finance Is In It For The Long Term – Are You?

Avoid Costly Mistakes

The best loan isn’t always the cheapest loan. Banks can’t take the time to understand your goals and therefore don’t always do what’s right for your needs. Our experience, combined with our commitment to be with you for the long-haul, means we always act in your best interests and get exceptional results for you.

Get Healthy Finances

There are many ways to find financing; you probably have more borrowing power than you imagined! We’ll sit with you and go over every option— from leveraging SMSF and equity, to consolidating debt and restructuring loans— to see what opportunities you have. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds clients secure finance for their properties.

Get Educated

We strongly believe in empowering people to make strategic financial decisions now, and in the future. That’s why we offer all kinds of learning opportunities, from online calculators and newsletters to educational events property investor programs.

Client Achievements and Results

We hope these success stories will inspire you on your own journey.